Christmas Morning

I tried my dangdest (is that a word?) to keep Christmas low-key and inexpensive this year. I'm not really sure I succeeded, though...

We spent the holiday in Safford and opened presents with Nonnie and Papa. Josh LOVED the b-ball hoop and the Magnetix that Santa brought him (who says they're for ages 6 and up?? Not me!) and enjoyed the cool train that Papa made him too... though I'm not sure he was more excited about the train, or the roll in his hand that he was eating.
Manda got her Tinkerbell movie (it is the year of Peter Pan characters, you know) and was excited to give Daddy her homemade gifts. Notice the paper crown she cut and decorated, and the playdough shapes Daddy is examining here in the photo...
Both the girls got clothes and shoes, which were BOR-ING. Sheesh, mommy, what were YOU thinking?? They also got outfits for their Build-a-Bears, Kung Fu Panda and a couple of crafty-type toys from Santa. Aunt Courtney made the girls these awesome fabric-journal-pencil-holder things, which seriously are the coolest things since string cheese. I will have to take a picture of them and upload it. The favorite gifts BY FAR were their WEBKINS from Aunt Brenda. They are SO cool, and the girls have spent every spare moment on the webkins site online playing with them.

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Carlos said...

Uh, you went pretty cheap with me. That is all I know. We try this every year and miss by a lot...next year our theme is going to be this:

It is a thin/cheap Christmas.