Cash for Clunkers,

or as I call it, Cash for Crazy People. Do not look at the man behind the curtain!

Since putting down quite a chunk of change last week to fix my car, I have, of course, been thinking about finances a lot lately. Sparky's 6 years old now, and we've thought about replacing him - but until repairs are costing me more than a car payment would each month, I don't see that as a wise decision.

This $4500 deal from our already-broke government makes me want to pound my head against the wall. To hear people comment on the radio today about how great this is for our economy, and for the auto industry, made me want to shout out loud. How many more billions of dollars of debt is our nation going to take on? My GOODNESS, people are foreclosing left and right, and yet they're expected to be able to afford a new car payment?

Why do they think they're "greening" up for the environment? Somebody else is going to turn around and buy those clunkers and drive them around on our roads, aren't they? Am I missing something?

Seems like, they're just encouraging people to go out and get into way more debt than they can afford, buying a new car... Maybe that's why they're driving clunkers in the first place? Ya think? So instead of making an economical decision, and possibly buying a good used car, they're getting bribed into buying something brand new...

Remind you of some great housing deals, a few years ago? Perhaps? With lots of great incentives and mortgage deals to help you buy that brand new house you "need" and "deserve"? That turned out great, didn't it?

What's next, rebates and stimulus packages from the government to help you buy new shoes? Because for sure, the shoe industry will eventually feel a pinch too, right?

Where does the madness stop?


Deirdre Eagar said...

What!!! I am so excited to use the Cash for Clunkers. Cause you know we have one. (a clunker that is) Too bad we can't afford a NEW $45,000.00 expedition.:(

Anonymous said...

FYI...Dealers are required to destroy the engines by pouring some sort of acid in the oil. The cars are not drivable or selvagable either. Secondly, you can buy a used car, they qualify for the program as well. Not that I think that anything the administration is doing is for my benefit but I just thought I would clear up a few details.

Carlos said...

Oh, driver, would you bring my new Rolls Royce around? I wish to take a spin. This is a bad program for the nation. Billions wasted, more to administer it....foolish.