Disorganization, and other stuff I've been thinking about

MAN, I can't get my act together. It makes me want to laugh out loud when my friends comment on how "organized" they think I am.

Seems like I can only get ONE room very clean each week, which is not a good pace, considering how many rooms I have in this house. This week, it was my bedroom. Too bad it's a mess again already. Today I was willing my imaginary maid, Fanny McFreeClean, to show up and come help do my chores with me. That snot never showed up.

What the biff. Seems like I used to be able to somewhat keep up. Not so anymore. Can't seem to get to the bottom of the piles to see the floor in the laundry room, and the girls are always lacking socks for school. I beg them to keep their school clothes on each day, so we don't have two sets dirty, but unfortunately I have zero control in the dressing dept.

This week saw another slew of bills that have gone forgotten, and overdue... sigh. Seems I can't get my head around this part of our life the last couple of years.

Maybe if I make a list of everything I want to get done, I could come up with a plan of action. Let's see...
1) get the end of these silly birthday banner kits completed and sell the last couple stragglers, so I can finally give Jackie's cricut back and buy her new blades/mats.
2) order fabric needed for J's quilt from Boca Bargoons. First, lay it all out and figure out exactly how much yardage I need, so I don't buy too much. That stuff's expensive!
3) Clean up and organize new craft room once and for all, including creating a running to-do list for 1/2 completed scrapbook pages. Anybody do this? How? SHould I just get a white board?
4) Sew together Joshy's quilt, then figure out how much it'll be to get it quilted, or, plan B, make Jackie and Deirdre tie it with me.
5) Buy Joshy a twin mattress, and convert his bed to a twin size.
6) Oh, buy J some twin size white sheets.
7) Make plans to convert A's headboard and footboard into a loft bed. Buy and cut and paint wood to make such contraption.
8) Redo SOME room in the house. Watching everyone else move into new houses and start fun home projects makes me totally antsy to paint or do SOMETHING, whether it be just changing the window treatments and paint in my loft, or something downstairs. I'm ready to be rid of the rust/gold/green color scheme down there... I'm thinking light, slip-covered furniture in the front room, like a white/chocolate/green (the green of DR chairs) color scheme, with a painted accent wall, and leather furniture for our family room... any suggestions on colors there? hmmm...



robyn said...

You can come over and help me redo the boys and baby rooms. I know that would help YOU feel better :)

Lisa said...

Give me a month. Then I'll have LOTS of projects that you can sink your teeth into!!!! :)