Restaurant Gift Certificates - FREE GIVEAWAY!

I bought several $25 gift certificates a year ago - and they all expire on Saturday - so of course we won't have the opportunity to use them all. Speak up NOW if you want one, and I'll either print it out for you or tell you how to get into my account.

Most require that you spend $35, and then you get the $25 off. Quite a deal - four of us ate at Gallagher's on Saturday for $11.

I just don't want them to go to waste! Comment on which restaurant you want to go out to this weekend and I'll hook you up with the cert!

Bamboo Club in the Tempe Brickyard - I have THREE of these.

Armadillo Grill - Phoenix

Baby Kay's Cajun Kitchen - Biltmore area, Phoenix - we have THREE of these. I think on this one you have to spend $50 to use the certificate.

Windows on the Green - Scottsdale - THREE available.

OC Seven Restaurant at The Scottsdale Resort


Collette said...

Really? I'd love a Bamboo Club one if it's available. What do you want for it?

robyn said...

I think that Bamboo Club is closed...