Nothing blogworthy.

But I'm blogging, just the same.


Lost two teeth! The first, on July 27th, the next on August 4th. Tooth fairy did a 2-in-1 deal. One of her permanent teeth is coming in, unfortunately, way crooked - we may have to get teeth pulled out of this girl, too, to make room for them. Sigh.

Has a dentist appt. to get a bunch of cavities filled this week. NOT looking forward to that - yikes.

Isn't crazy about school, mostly because it's so hot. I'm hoping the attitude will change a bit when the temperature does. She's not so fond of practicing writing on her homework, either.

Wears a skirt to school almost every day. Looks super cute in school uniforms. Her hair, however, is a different story. Mommy's all but given up on trying to fix it.


Won't EAT! It's making me crazy. His independent streak makes him think he can just push a stool over, climb up, and get whatever kind of snacks he wants from the pantry or fridge, and not have to eat what we're having for dinner. He goes to bed hungry most nights - please don't call CPS.

Is only in the 10th percentile in both height and weight, and still wearing last summer's clothes.

Says lots of words, but is not pronouncing them correctly, nor is he putting any words together. Doc says if it hasn't improved in a couple of months, he will need to be evaluated.

Is still the cutest, most fun kid we've got around here. He is a joy to be around.


Is super into gymnastics lately. She has really gotten pretty good at doing handstands and practices all the time.

Is playing on the Poptropica website every spare minute, plus lots of minutes she's supposed to be doing other things, you know, like eating, bathing, homework... whenever she and Bronsen or Izzy get together, they actually discuss strategy. It's hilarious.

Is debating whether to do swim team this fall, or stay in gymnastics, because Mommy's only paying for one activity. Anyone have any opinions on swim team at the Y?


Was way late to church today, because the girls were out in the car listening to music (Def Leppard, to be exact), and by the time I got out there to leave for church, my battery was dead. Daddy had to come home and rescue us!

Is enjoying taking naps every day when J does, while the girls are at school. Really.

Is almost done with my craft room. It's a beautiful thing that I need to straighten up and take pictures of, so I can share them with y'all.

Has not had a home phone in over a month, and doesn't miss it a bit. If you want me, email me.

Is getting a new email address in a couple of weeks. Instead of what it is, at qwest.net, it will be what it is, at q.com. Got it?

Needs to sign up for the scrapbook convention in October. Anyone want to go with me??

Has several more kits for the happy birthday banner, if anyone wants them. I might even be persuaded to put it together for you, for a fee.


Is hometeaching right now, and it's not even the last Sunday of the month. What the?

Is coming to kickboxing on Friday. Should be fun!

Is great at doing laundry. And grilling chicken.

Is still the favorite of the girls, and beginning to be J's favorite now too. The girls will wait around for hours on Sundays just for the chance to drive home with him, instead of Mommy.


The Malone's said...

I just about fell off my chair when I read that Nick will be there Friday, note to self, DO NOT MISS that event.

Courtney said...

I think I would drive all the way down to that kickboxing class if I could to see N in action! Maybe just take a video camera for us. I wanna see how high he can kick!

Anonymous said...

Two words: Norman Gentle

Brooke said...

What a 'kick'! I think we should rent some statues and have a family kick boxing event!!

Carlos said...

If you get to kick Nick, I can tell you where he is most vulnerable. I always go for the kidneys--it buckles the opponent and you can finish them off quite easily.

Carlos said...

I prefer Guns 'n Roses right before church. It sort of gets me into the mood to contrast the goodness of the gospel as opposed to hell. I can really see a difference.

Cameron said...

You really should go back to shello@toast.net. All time favorite, seriously...just consider it. Thanks