Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow...


After yet another dinner ordeal (seriously, is taking ONE BITE of mashed potatoes so hard when you'll be getting ice cream afterward? Sheesh!) I'm so looking forward to tomorrow morning! The day's plans, while may not be thrilling for you, sound like bliss to me...

1. Drop both girls off at school - yeehaw!
2. Play volleyball without any 7-yr-olds bugging to play, or any 5-year-olds getting into arguments and fights with any other kids, and without having to search for water bottles and game pieces all over the church.
3. Come home, eat whatever the heck I want for lunch.
4. Not listening to whining.
5. One word. NAPS. As in plural.
6. Catch up on Desperate Housewives.
7. Clean without interruption.


Amberly said...

you're going to have so much time on your hands, you could come clean my house too!! oh, the things you are going to accomplish this year... extra naps totally count.

The Malone's said...

I'm thinking of going to the musuem sans Jonas next week, are you in?

Sandi said...

don't let desperate housewives skew you hold on reality