Life's a Beach - Catching Up

Our trip to San Diego in July - wow, am I seriously a month behind already, uploading these pictures?

Things I learned:

1. Huntington Beach is no Newport.
2. 2-yr-olds love to chase seagulls. J cackled every time he'd run after them.
3. 5 and 7-yr-olds are light, and can pop up on a boogie board no problem. Both girls were great at riding the waves. Nope, no pictures of them, darnit.
4. I've gotten to the point where I would rather sit under an umbrella and read, rather than get a salt water nasal flush trying to boogie board.
5. My 7-yr-old can make friends wherever she goes.
6. The girls have discovered the wonders of getting buried in the sand, and loved to bury Daddy.
7.You can't take any sort of food whatsoever to the beach and expect your 2-yr-old not to get sand in it.
8. Baby powder is a wondrous invention for removing sand from everything and everybody.


Cameron said...

Couldn't you have "accidently" buried that hat?

Carlos said...

That hat just will not go away!

Anonymous said...

Eeeeaaasy there...

Sandi said...

I love the hat.

Don't you wish you could keep the joy in your heart that those cute faces are showing in these pictures 24/7