Seaworld 09 - Catching Up

Things I learned:
1. Having multi-day passes to SeaWorld is GREAT! You absolutely can't see and do everything in one day. I had no idea there were white whales and polar bears there too... and sharks, and, and...
2. You shouldn't split up without two working cell phones. You'll never find eachother again.
3. My girls are SO not into getting wet on rides.
4. I could get much better pictures if I sat in the "splash zones". I need to take a poncho next time in order to do just that!
5. The 4-D Sesame Street show is actually worth the wait in line.
6. My girls could have spent all day at the tidepools. They were fascinated and wanted to touch everything.

7. My 2-year-old loved the penguins, but couldn't have cared less for Shamu this year.
8. Puffins are awesome.
9. So is the Sea Lions Tonite show.

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