Allison's Song

Allison wanted to sing one too, so here it is.

I'm a pretty, pretty princess.
I have a scooter, I'll ride it to the end of the rainbow,
and maybe, maybe, and maybe, maybe
I'll find some scooters
or gold
or find a precious box with a necklace
with a swirl on the necklace
or maybe, maybe a bucket full of jewels
or maybe stinky laundry
Ohhh.... maybe.
Video games on the computer
playing is good, and singing and talking
and playing jokes, okes, okes,
Sending cards are fun too
Oh, yeah, it's July and my friend moved away.
I can't believe it, now I only have one friend, she has a dog and it bit me, bit me, bit me.
I have a little brother and he is so sweet, so sweet, so sweet
and his name is Josh Carl Carter.
My name is ... Allison.

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