Conversation with Manda:

"Hey Mom, I know why Finnegan's head is flat."

Me, puzzled. Please, enlighten me, dear.

"It's because Jonas laid on his Mommy's tummy and made it all squished." (Gestures the squishing)

Me, "Why do you think Finn's head is flat?"

"You know, Mom, it's an OVAL. It's all flat... and like, skinny..." (Squeezes her cheeks together with her hands) ... "Why is Finn's head all skinny?"

Me, "Because he looks like his Mommy, Sister Malone."

"Oh." Apparently Manda doesn't see the family resemblance like the rest of us do!


Deirdre Eagar said...

that is an awesome pic!

The Malone's said...

I"m so glad that this was on her mind, I mean it is somewhat concerning that his head is flat and that it most likely is true that Jonas did squish me while Finn was in my tummy. What a funny conversation!