My Cabin Fund

Just spent a short weekend up north at the Carter cabin and thankfully got out of the heat for a bit. Saw fireworks in Payson on Friday night, dodging the rain, then spent Saturday in Forest Lakes - first, at their annual 4th Celebration - (which in the past we remembered as being quaint and charming, with fun games and bouncy castles for the kids - this year, we just felt ripped off - ha! Ask Nick about the dirty second-hand stuffed animal game.) - then hung out at the Davis cabin and let the kids play with cousins. Thanks much to the Davis family for letting us crash their party - my girls love going to, and I quote, "the house with all the girls"! Witnessed a way-intense hail storm, then loaded up and went to see fireworks in Heber. Once again, a fantastic firework show - and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

We got a little idea to have the girls sell glow-in-the-dark stuff, so I bought some at the dollar store before leaving (Mind you, not really enough to feel bad if the venture flopped). The girls loaded up a little wagon of Josh's with bracelets and went around yelling "TWO BRACELETS FOR ONE DOLLAR!" and actually sold a couple dozen. Funny! It must have been the ultimate cute factor they've got going on. They put their money right back into the glow market, however, and bought some light-up swords. We'll definitely have to get a little more serious about this business venture next year - and maybe get enough to pay for my gas bill for the trip!

This trip renewed the whole discussion of possibly buying a lot up north to someday build a cabin on - - I guess if we're going to be in Phoenix for the long term, this would be a good thing! I'm taking a lead from Ashlee and writing these down, so I can hopefully realize this dream someday... maybe something like one of these...

These are the things I will be enjoying in our future cabin retreat:

Pine trees as tall as can be offering plenty of shade.
A one-level cabin, or doors at the top and bottom of the stairs.
Big, covered porch with kid-safe railing to let kids roam free.
Wood floors.
Fireplace with mantle to cozy up in front of on snowy winter days.
At least 3 bedrooms with doors to take undisturbed naps. Aaaah...
A laundry room with storage.
A large great room, with kitchen, dining, and lounge space all in one to facilitate entertaining.
Another "kid" play room, separate from the adult space. Possibly upstairs?
Endless board and card games.
A playset I build myself, in addition to, or possibly attached to, a tree house.
My very own hammock.

Isn't this a great place? You should come visit. Just give me 10 years to get it built first. Oh, and if you could contribute to my "cabin fund" that would help too.


Amberly said...

I love that you're giving "camping" a try! i'll come visit, as long as you're cooking!

bryn said...

yea, those pregnancy tests have a way of coming out positive sometimes. (from your comment on my blog). Yes, i am totally up for a get together with the kids. tate would be over the moon excited. i am good mon - wed next week. what works for you?

Cameron said...

Robyn's dad is selling a few lots in Pine if you are interested. They are on the road between camp lo mia and the lds church in Pine.

Sandi said...

If I donate a dollar may I visit? I love it!!!! Good luck. I'm not surprised your adorable daughters were able to sell the glow stuff.