Hey all -- Josh here. Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to lately. I've been doing plenty of THIS, of course (looking cute, obviously, if you didn't figure that out...)and I like to hang out on the stairs a lot too. I'm about to figure out how to go forward down the stairs, even though Mommy doesn't want me to, for some reason. Don't mind my drool here, please, I'm working on getting teeth.I also like to sleep in my bed.MY BED, do you understand? Mommy and Daddy keep dragging me places on the weekends and expecting me to sleep in all kinds of crazy places. And I'll tell you WHAT - I'm just NOT having it. Like this weekend? We all went to the Legacy and stayed for three days. Allison kept occupied by building all sorts of forts out of the furniture,Manda took a couple of good naps,But mostly we just hung out and swam. I didn't much make it out of my PJs and my swim suit for two days.
Overall, it was pretty cool. I totally learned how to jump in the pool on my own. I have no fear at all. I'm pretty much a stud, yep. Oh, and check out my hair lately. No curling iron required, even after a nap. It's no JACKSON, I admit, still, Mom thinks it's pretty foxy.


Carlos said...

He is definitely a cutie, but so are his sisters and his grandpa.

brooke said...

I love these pictures!! Has it been a year since I have seen Joshua? When did he grow up so much--I can't believe how old he looks--
And, I LOVE the hair!!!!!!

Nick & Amanda Long said...

He so beautiful - and the hair!! He's gonna be a lady killer!!!