My parents think I've got too much on my plate. Perhaps they're right.

7:30am - wake (after sleeping in - Nonnie and Papa were here!), make bed, get dressed, make & eat breakfast
8am - Get recycling together, break down a box, get it out to the curb, run to Walmart, sans kids, to pick up items needed for dinner group and school supplies/shoes for Allison.
9:15 - Prep meal for dinner group
10:30 - squeeze three casserole dishes into the already-full fridge
10:45 - pack lunches, and a bag for the rest of the day
11am - say goodbye to Nonnie and Papa, get loaded in the car and drive to Gilbert
11:45am to 3pm - Change into painting clothes, help my friend Jen paint some awesome stripes in her girls' bedroom
3pm - get A&A to change into leotards, race to Tempe for gymnastics
3:30 - witness Allison SO CLOSE to being able to do the splits!
4:30 - head home in traffic
5pm - throw dishes in oven to bake, start on spanish rice
5:45pm - Nick gets home, we walk over to deliver meals
6pm - A&A are dying to swim, we jump in Amberly's pool for a bit
6:30pm - head over to another family's house for dinner with the missionaries
8:15pm - finally pull the girls off the Wii and head home
9pm - read books, get girls to bed
9:30pm - start working on daunting website copy project I've got this week
10:30pm - Josh wakes up crying, he lets me actually cuddle and rock him (a rarity!)
11pm - read a few pages in my book. Eyes involuntarily close.

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Margaret said...

Yep...you do have alot on your plate!!! But you will get to relax this weekend in St. Johns. Where we only hope that there is something exciting to do between the reunion and visiting. Maybe you will get to finish that book!!!