The Fabulous Flag-a-licious Fourth of July Freedom Breakfast

Well, I actually took my camera, but didn't break it out - too busy! (Hmmm... that's happening more and more lately!) On Friday morning we hosted our ward's pancake breakfast at the church. It was a little simpler this year, yet I'm still very pleased with the results! We had about 85 people there, which I thought was fantastic considering all of my usual go-to-families were out of town, and the fact that we barely advertised this year! Breakfast included scrambled eggs with cheese, salsa, sausage, bacon, pancakes, both buttermilk and maple syrup, berries, whipped cream, OJ and milk. The scouts presented the flag (but we still couldn't hear them, maybe we'll move it outside again next year) and we did a sing-a-long (how to get people motivated to sing next year? Hmmm...) Nick acted as MC with the cheesy patriotic jokes and such, and then we did the trivia again with the corny prizes. Not many knew the questions this time - perhaps I used up all the well-known stuff last year, and these were too obscure?? Anyway - thanks to all who attended, and helped out. Brenda and Don you were WONDERFUL! And can I tell you how handy Rachel is to have around? Oh, and all her cool party supplies and ideas? Love it!

I'm starting to like making these crossword puzzles!
And note to self for next year:
15 pounds of pancake mix
2.5 pounds of shredded cheese
About 75 eggs
2-3 cups of salsa MAX
The pre-cooked bacon was easy but WAY greasy.
People like bacon more than sausage, apparently.
And people like the link sausage WAY more than the patties. We need about 120 links next time.
6 gallons of orange juice
3 gallons of milk
2 squirty whipped creams
6 pints of raspberries (these were the most popular)
1 pound blueberries
1 flat of strawberries
Buttermilk syrup was a hit
And for goodness sakes remember the BUTTER!

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