My week.

#1 Wrote copy for a website about electricity and waste oil and generators. Random, huh?

#2 Felt much guilt due to the fact that my kids watched a LOT of TV, due to #1.

#3 Finally started writing my novel. I'm the next Stephenie Meyer, I tell ya.

#4 Went and saw the Dark Knight. Was actually cowering and covering my eyes at one point. I highly recommend it.

#5 Cleaned house, did laundry and packed.

#6 Realized that it would have been much more fun for everyone to travel if kids and I were sleeping while we attempted such travel.

#7 Went and saw the old homestead in Show Low. Sigh - such a pretty house, still.

#8 Attended the St. Johns camporama, where Josh ate an entire bowl of chili himself. This kid's gonna be an eater.

#9 Couldn't find my watch, CTR ring, or wedding ring when we got back to the hotel.

#10 Turned every piece of clothing, furniture and bedding inside out three or four times looking for said jewelry, thinking my 4-year-old had hidden it.

#11 Started to panic, cry and get very, very angry coming to the realization that my jewelry had been stolen out of our hotel room.

#12 Was unable to sleep on rock-hard mattress. Stayed up all night, instead, reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Compelling, but wouldn't recommend it. Very sad.

#13 Attended extended family reunion activities. Allison was part of a skit and was a very, very cute shoveler. She made herself a very best friend with one of the cousins, Jacklyn.

#14 Was thanked about 500 times for reunion t-shirt design. Does that mean I can't send a bill to anyone? Ha!

#15 Took naps in the hotel room with Josh, finally able to sleep. Aaaahhh...

#16 Let's just say... our waitress at dinner was "similiar" to one of the worst I've had in a long time. Chant with me: Please don't spit in my food. Please don't spit in my food.

#17 Finally called the police to make a police report about stolen jewelry.

#18 Stayed up half the night playing farkle with family.

#19 Finished that darn book. Now I can get on with my life.

#20 Got up, started packing to come home... and guess what,

#21 Found my watch and rings UNDER the mattress in Josh's play yard. Any guesses as to how they got there?

#22 Had breakfast with family chock full of yummy carbs, then headed for home. Whew.

Now, to re-read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse before Breaking Dawn comes out on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Now I am not one to seek the spotlight, but I think your brief account of finding the watch and rings glossed over the fact that it was I who found them.

"...already starting to design my new ring in my head.", ha! No way Jose, you designed the original. If you lose it, then I get to design the replacement! Let's just say the biggest feature will be the built-in magnifying glass that it will take to view your replacement diamond.

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a very busy week. I am glad you found your jewelry, and have fun re-reading Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I am re-reading New Moon and hope to finish in the next few day.

Nick & Amanda Long said...

Scared to relax?!?!?! Let's talk soon!

Tiffany said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you found your jewelry!! are you sure the lady at the hotel didn't just sneak them back into your room after the police came??