Catching Up... Birthdays

This year we got smart... each girl got to ask for ONE gift. Each girl got ONE gift from us, and guess what, they're still liking them! A little preschool party,
a lunch out, a little birthday money from Nonnie and Papa (all blown at the school book fair), and a trip to Build a Bear workshop, and we were done! Woohoo! No theme, no invitations, no decorations, no party. Fab! (We won't count the trip to Disneyland, as that, I guess, was way more work than a party would have been...)

Thanks to Grandma and Poppy for the Build-a-bear animals. Allison loves her dog named "Emily" - - and loves to dance with her during the cheesy B-A-B song on CD.
Manda's bear is named "Alexa" and is SO her, with denim skirt and Hello Kitty panties!

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Brooke said...

That was a really fun experience! They really did choose what represents each of them very thoughtfully.