Catching Up... The Price is RIGHT

A couple of weeks ago we had our ward activity - - "The Price is Right"! It was SO fun, too bad only like 20 people showed up...! :( That's what I get, I guess, for holding it on the same night as a presidential debate. I'm hoping that was the reason, anyway, and not that people just don't want to come to our activities...!

Our games were GREAT! Rachel, Julie, Emily, Jackie and April all put a TON of work into them, and into our showcases! I won't even get STARTED on the work that was put into the BIG WHEEL and PLINKO by none other than Rachel the Great! Things to add next time? A pricing game before PLINKO, and a "ding" for the Cliffhanger game. And maybe a couple of commercial breaks, to give the backstage crew time to rearrange sets!

Our Rod Roddey wannabe, complete with sparkly jacket, was FAN-TAS-TIC. Our poor Bob Barker I think was overwhelmed by the 8-page script (oops) I handed him, but he did a great job too - he is SO good at impromptu jokes and has fabulous timing... my favorite of the evening was during the showcase when we were all waiting for one of the contestants, Adam, to place his bid and "Bob" called out to him... "Adam... Adam... Where art thou, Adam... ?" It was classic. And so appropriate, too, that the two people in the showcase showdown were the ones who had shown up wearing PIR-inspired T-shirts. Adam's said "My First Word Was PLINKO."

My Bishop's Beauties were fabulous too! Thanks to Kim, Lindsay, Jackie and Emily for the total cheese factor. I swear, Jackie and Emily should be in some comedy act somewhere.

I only got a couple of photos, and unfortunately they are BAD! Either my camera was on the wrong setting, or the battery was dying. If anyone else has photos, please pass them onto me!

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Aubrey said...

The photos make it look like you were going for 70's Price Is Right and there's nothing wrong with that!