Five Years Old.

I figured I should write this post now, considering it's Allison's birthday tomorrow!
FIVE things I love about Manda:

She's smart.
She's pretty much willing to eat, or at least try, anything we give her. Most of the time willing to take medicine, too.
She's a good helper in the kitchen. She always runs to put her apron on. Not one of the cute ones, rather the butterfly one that's all stained.
She loves her brother. And her Daddy. And most of the time her sister. And sometimes even me too.
She's got a great laugh.

FIVE things that drive me crazy about her:

She tends to use her shirt as a napkin. Note shoulder of shirt in picture above. Every single one of her shirts has stains. Good thing she doesn't have a little sister we have to pass clothes down to.
She can figure out ANYTHING electronic and open up ANY package. And for that matter, FIND anything we thought we've hidden from her.
She remembers EVERY conversation we have with her, including every half-hearted promise made to her.
She has a hard time calming herself down when she gets into a tantrum.
She wakes up WAY too early every day, and often gets her sister awake as well so they can get some early TV watching in before Mommy wakes up.

FIVE places she loves to eat:

Sweet Tomatoes
Thai food place with Daddy
Taco Bell
McDonalds, of course

FIVE things she tends to say:

What the?
Stupid Doodie-head!
She started it.
I'm bored with _____.
Pinky promise?

FIVE things she likes:

Big Purple Blankie (especially when she's tired.)
The white cheese.
Wearing skirts. Always has.
Snacking All. Day. Long. She usually has two or three separate breakfasts, at separate times, with separate people.
Being like her sister.

FIVE of her best friends (other than Allison and Josh):


FIVE fun things she does:

She tells corny knock knock jokes that don't make sense.
She likes to prove how smart she is by addition problems. "I know what 4 and 4 is!"
She loves to set the table for dinner.
She makes cute cards and "projects" for Daddy. I heard her also today getting a cheer ready for him jumping around and yelling "D" "A" "D" "D" "Y!"
She makes her own cheese crisps in the microwave. And her own cold cereal, with milk. And her own PB sandwiches. And her own hot chocolate. And her own Crystal Light lemonade... are you sensing a pattern here?

FIVE things she's looking forward to:

Getting out of her carseat and riding like a big girl.
Being in kindergarten at Allison's school, and having Mrs. Gardner as a teacher.
Buying her lunch in the cafeteria.
Our family costume for Halloween.


Nick said...

Amanda is fantastic! The pizza-in-mouth, pudding-on-sleeve picture personifies her.

The only thing I would change about her is her proclivity of crawling into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning. She is very angular and her bony elbows invariably find the small of my back. This morning, I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep and every 5 minutes she would unconciously flop her outstretched arm across my chest. And, whenever I shifted position to get some buffer space she has a way of filling the void like oozing, quick setting cement.

She is priceless!

dfg said...

So is it Allison's or Amanda's birthday?

Scrap Happy said...

Both - Manda's was last Friday, Allison's is today!