I'm totally starting to feel the ramp-up for the season. Holy cow. Here's my to-do list for the next ten days.

Return last Magic Tree House book to library.
Finish certificates for the costume prizes. "Most original" "Best Family Costume" "Scariest" "Best use of fake hair" "Most creative, but we couldn't figure out who you were" etc.
Send cardstock with Nick to work to print certs.
Sort Halloween prizes for each game. Figure out what we still need.
Set up visiting teaching appointments.
Figure out some time to go visiting teaching.
Meet with a friend regarding school fall carnival in two weeks.
Phone meeting regarding possible printing/design job??
Get Nick to put seed and fertilizer on the lawn, and fix sprinkler head.
Get lawn mower fixed? Sigh.
Buy clear coat spray.
Find judges for the costume contest for the party.... hmmm...
Come up with look/design postcards, brochures, booklets, etc... so they can be printed as mock-up samples for November 8th.
Find Manda a tank top to wear underneath her costume.
Hope and pray that Nick's costume gets here on time.
Figure out Josh's costume. Thrift store trip? Possibly. Ugh.
Buy washers and magnets for FHE boards/tags.
Go pick up produce basket at 11am on Saturday.
Make sample FHE board for display at church on Sunday.
Be here for carpet cleaner on Saturday, move furniture back and forth, and back again.
Attend ASU game on Saturday night.
Figure out amount, and write tithing check out for Sunday. You'd think this one wouldn't be that hard...
Get helpers committed to run games for the Halloween Hulla-boo-loo party.
Get signup sheets back, and follow up with people bringing chili and cornbread and cookies and frosting and the stuff for games.
Visit each auxillary on Sunday to announce the party.
I think we're supposed to have the missionaries for dinner on Sunday. Double ugh.
Send out blast email to everyone in the ward, begging them to come to the Halloween party and bring at least 1-2 bags of candy with them.
Get all the supplies gathered for the carnival games. Fishing poles, ladles, baby pool, limbo set, door decorations, lots and lots of PRIZES for each game, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE that I can't think of at the moment.
Find CD player so we can have spooky music playing at the party.
Get roll of tickets from Ashlee to hand out to each game player for carnival games.
Contact Brother Bill regarding popcorn machine. Maybe.
Locate the wireless microphone so people can hear us while we're in the courtyard.
Volleyball on Monday morning, 9am.
Start taking Allison to school at 7:30am instead of 8:30am next Tues, for special program she's starting.
Start going to bed earlier and getting organized in the morning so I can do previous each Tues, Wed, and Thurs for the next several months.
Make milk jug ghost luminaries to line the handicap walkway and around the tree in the courtyard.
Buy white Christmas lights with white cord for luminaries.
Babysit kids during Gymnastics next Tuesday?
Buy and carve a pumpkin.
Make "Where's Wanda's Wart?" witch for the game.
Figure out how exactly to run the Cupcake walk, the carved pumpkin contest, the costume parade, and the Trick-or-treating in the cultural hall.
Help out with preschool Halloween party on Thursday the 30th. Maybe dress up like the Queen again??
Pick up kids from school on Thursday, get them dressed in their costumes, and drive to Scottsdale for Halloween get-together with the cousins.
Halloween day! Decorate the church, get everything set up, and probably clean the church bathrooms that will most likely be filthy when I show up. Pick up kids from school, get everyone dressed in costumes and get to the church by 5:30pm.

Clean house. Re-watch Heroes episodes because I'm totally lost. Take markers away from Josh daily. Get Josh to take a nap every once in a while. Dinner group? Maybe.
Breathe. Sleep.


Amberly said...

alright, alright, i'll bring you dinner! what services are you selling and what's allison's special program? come on, you have plenty of time to elaborate!

Nick said...

Two words: hakuna matata

Please don't hit me!

Ashlee said...

I have a new roll of tickets.
I will pick up the produce.
I am already buying candy for the party and will find a deal for everyone and spread the word...
I can save milk jugs if that helps.
I could also do Wanda as I did it last year - unless she didn't pass, and then you are on your own.
There are cute costume awards at Target by the Greeting cards on one of the end caps.

Let me know if you want any of the above handled. I am impressed with your list and I agree with Amberly - what services/what brochures? Throw out some details!

Lisa said...

The vinyl will be there by today or tomorrow. I shipped it on Tuesday and it went priority. Unless, of course, it's like the priority package that I shipped to my sister that took 2 weeks to get there!!!
It'll be there in time, I promise.

brooke said...

Taking a few deep breathes will help.
You're young--it will all work out.
Whatever doesn't get done didn't matter that much anyway!
Just keep smiling and it will all be GREAT!
Let's see--what other 'Hakuna Matada' thoughts can I come up with. . .

Yeah for Allison!!!

Carlos said...

Think what it would be if you had a dog to take care of. For one thing, you would not have to mop up Joshua's dinner spills. That will save you a lot of time right there.