As I was filling up the sink to do yet another pile of dishes today (our dishwasher's been broken for more than a week), Manda pulled up a chair alongside me to help.

"I'm a good helper, huh mom?"

For sure!

"Doing dishes can be one of my chores, okay?"

Sounds fabulous to me.

I then left Manda with scrub brush and bubbles up to her elbows to go put Josh down for a nap. THEN I got sidetracked by emails in my office (I swear, that's the first time that's ever happened) From downstairs, I hear:

"Hey MOM! Can you help me with the dishes please??"

Okay, okay...

A few minutes later, as she's washing, and I'm re-washing, and rinsing, I say:

"Manda, you are so good at doing dishes! Should we tell Daddy what a good helper you are?"

"Okay Mom. Why don't you write it on his blog so he can read about it?"

Sounds good to me.


Karen said...

That is so funny. I am glad you have a good helper.

brooke said...

Good job, Shellie!
Start now and she may find enjoyment in it later in life! Isn't that how it works--

cleaning toilets can be next! Right!

Brad and Audrey said...

Thank you so much for bringing the Halloween blocks over! They are very cute!

Staci Kramer said...

Hey Nick and Shellie, I absolutely LOVE your blog! Your kids are adorable. We have to all get together soon. We are going to the State fair on the 29th and i know its a little white trash but we go every year and it is so much fun! We would love to have you Carters join us for deep fried twinkies and indian fry bread. (not to mention the worlds largest horse) (?)Check out our blog too if you get a chance. Its staciandjohn.blogspot.com


This is darling - AND - I love the Star Wars re-enactment. We will definately have to try and get in on that one someday. What craft are you doing now?