Where did we go wrong?

As I was watching the girls snarf up their french toast this morning, I was suddenly disgusted by their table manners... or lack of such. When did french toast, pancakes and such become finger foods? Why is there so much finger-licking going on, or wiping hands and mouths on shirts versus the use of napkins? Why has it become commonplace in our house to eat standing up, leaning on the counter, or worse, eat a bowl of cheerios on the couch while watching TV? And why, oh why, did we never institute a rule of everyone sitting down at the same time at the same place to eat, and asking to be excused when they are finished? I have an inkling as to why food is such drama for Allison - - because we've never taught her the proper way to eat! Come to think of it, I don't think Allison eats anything BUT with her fingers (okay, maybe rice, corn and ice cream are exceptions)!

I'm appalled with myself that I was trying to teach my SEVEN-YEAR-OLD how to hold, and cut food with, a fork today. Yet another way I've failed as a mother, I guess...

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LC Lewis's "Hear Ye, Hear Ye" said...

Remember, there is no failure where there is still desire! Besides, it actually sounds like a Lewis morning. I used to think that all that informality was a sign of how close and intimate a family we were. . . until the day we went to a Pizza Hut restaurant, all decked out with red and white checked plastic tablecloths. The fact that they had any tablecloth at all positively blew Tommy away, and he pulled me aside to whisper in my ear, "Mom, this is a VERY fancy restaurant!" And then there was the frightening realization that they would be dating and going to eat in public at restaurants that actually used tableCLOTHs and napkins! Terrifying moments of realization!