Coming along on my to-do list!

Get pumpkin for "Ghoulish Golf" game.
Finish last certificate for the costume prizes.
Send cardstock with Nick to work to print certs.
Sort Halloween prizes for each game.
Set up visiting teaching appointments.
Figure out some time to go visiting teaching.
Phone meeting coordinating materials for possible design job.
Get lawn mower fixed? Sigh.
Find judges for the costume contest for the party.... hmmm...
Alter my costume.
Figure out amount, and write tithing check out.
Get more helpers committed to run games for the Halloween party.
Follow up with Rachel re: Chili and cornbread bringers
Get all the supplies gathered for the carnival games. Fishing poles, ladles, baby pool, limbo set, door decorations, etc.
Locate the wireless microphone so people can hear us while we're in the courtyard.
Find replacement bulbs for Christmas light strands for luminaries...
Carve our pumpkin. Maybe buy a couple more??
Figure out how exactly to run the Cupcake walk, the costume parade, and the Trick-or-treating in the cultural hall.
Help out with preschool Halloween party on Thursday the 30th. Maybe dress up like the Queen again??
Pick up kids from school on Thursday, get them dressed in their costumes, and drive to Scottsdale for Halloween get-together with the cousins.
Halloween day! Decorate the church, get everything set up, and probably clean the church bathrooms that will most likely be filthy when I show up. Pick up kids from school, get everyone dressed in costumes and get to the church by 5:30pm.

Clean house. Re-watch Heroes episodes because I'm totally lost. Take markers away from Josh daily. Get Josh to take a nap every once in a while. Breathe. Try to sleep.

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