Boredom settling in.

Things happening around my house today:

One of our phones is off the hook. It also happens to be lost, so you won't have any luck reaching me at home.

Allison finally lost her other front tooth this morning. She insisted on taking it to school, though, so it will probably be lost and long gone by the time I see her this afternoon.

I made a lasagna at 9am. Why? No idea. Just happened to have all the ingredients in my fridge. At least now Nick can take his lunch the rest of the week.

Manda is watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A little scary for Josh? No, she assured me, he's fine. So glad that my 5-yr-old is looking out for his well-being.

Figuring out that Manda has 138 days until school starts. UGH. She is horrible about entertaining herself with anything other than the TV lately.

SO procrastinating cleaning my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Still don't have a new mop.

Waiting for a bunch of Ebay auctions to end tonight. Anybody want some stamp sets?

Planning lessons, activities, etc. for the summer. Do I plan morning swim lessons, so we can have tired, sleepy afternoons? If so, I miss out on volleyball and any trips to the museum. Evening swim lessons mean more expense, and missing out on gymnastics for the summer...but would allow for summer movies on a day other than Fridays and perhaps a weekly trip to the Legacy. Hmmm... please share your plans for the summer!

I have ZERO to blog about. Can you tell??

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Margaret said...

I love your blog!! Even when you think you have nothing to blog about... it is still fun to read!!
You are a great MOM!!!