A trip to Safford...

always includes the following:

Lots of Papa time:A makeover from Cassie:Jumping on the trampoline:and plenty of kid-spoiling-family-hanging-out-time:Including hanging out with Heath and his dirt bike {here the girls are, demonstrating how they DROVE the bike this time - YIKES!}:
and not pictured, but a trip to Safford also always includes many many hours of scrapbooking at Karen's house, the girls playing on the Wii, morning walks with Papa, finding yucca branches to make stick horses out of, usually a wood-cutting project or two, and lots of riding up and down the street on the big blue trikes at Papa's house.

And lastly, and most importantly, a trip to Safford ALWAYS includes at least one or two or three trips to this place:Where my children engage in this activity:
And where great amounts of these are consumed {yep those are corn AND FLOUR - I know you're salivating...}:{I should have taken a picture of my Caffeine free Diet Coke with Vanilla as well. Yummmmmm....}

I can't even explain my family's love affair with Casa. I can't even remember a trip when I went ANYWHERE ELSE first. Usually everyone just meets me at Casa on my way into town... sigh... anyone up for a road trip?


Amberly said...

that first pic of josh and your dad is priceless.

Tannis Scott said...

i'm bummed we didn't get to hang out more :( but i sure did enjoy the time you were there! and i enjoyed sitting next to you in the temple!

Stephens Family said...

cute pics! the one of the girls with Cassie...wow. They both look soooo grown-up and beautiful!