Powerball, here I come!

SO! My little 5-yr-old has four cavities, and my silly dentist wants four.hundred.smackaroos. to take care of them next Wednesday. Wednesday also happens to be the day I need to sign up for swim lessons. Ain't no chump change there, either. Wednesday is ALSO the day I need to sign up my girls for their Fun To Flip camp- - and those highway robbers want even more money from me than my dentist does. Yes, the goal is for the A team to raise money, but it can't happen in time for signups... so hopefully they'll raise enough to pay me back. Sheesh! Okay, lottery commercials, I guess you're right, "you can't win if you don't play..."

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Staci Kramer said...

Matt In the bottom three??? What is this world coming to? Roughneck Jason sent home before blind Scott? and Megan Joy's flat vocals and quirky elaine-esque dance slipping under the radar? My faith in humanity is sliding away.