Idol Review.

WOW - oh, how I loved "country week" - though most of the songs didn't even REMOTELY sound country.

Michael - Impressive! Loved the Garth vibe! Simon can be such an idiot, geez, can it be any more obvious that he just HATES country music??

Allison - eh, I THOUGHT she was good tonight, that is, until I heard everyone else...

Lil - I thought this would be GREAT but she was SO out of her element. Seemed to drag... It's like she's never heard the original by Martina. Which, actually, maybe she hasn't...

Alexis, Alexis - what was she thinking? HATED it. She could have ROCKED this week. Sigh.

Danny - strange song choice, I thought. He's still got that charisma I like so much, though... {does anyone else think he's gained weight? Or is white just SO NOT his color?}

Kris - Nice, but kind of weak. I'm more into powerhouse singers. What's with the girly spelling of his name, anyway?

Anoop - Ditto. Seems he and Kris took the same path this week.

Megan - I get it, she had the flu this week, but again, it was uncomfortable for me. The way she moves, her little shimmy, strange facial expressions, the way she has to strain to hit notes... ugh. Take your tat and go home.

Scott - I'm sorry, but it's also time to go home. I like his personality, he seems a cool guy, but really, the fireside is over.

Matt - LOVE HIM. He was fantastic this week. I miss his hat, though...








ADAM! WHAT THE HECK??? THIS GUY IS AMAZING! Nick and I seriously rewound his song (is that a word?) and watched it 3 times. I LOVE him. He's SO captivating, dramatic, with his bedroom eyes, the way he works the camera, and don't even get me STARTED on his vocal ability. I was telling Nick it was like Steven Tyler & the Cure had a love child - until Randy hit the nail on the HEAD with his "Nine Inch Nails does country" comment. Spot on.

My prediction for tomorrow night: Bottom Three: Alexis, Megan and Scott. How bout yours??


Amberly said...

the boys totally rocked the house, the girls disappointing. I thought matt at the end was fantastic. adam was awesome as usual, the word "sensual" came to mind several times as he seemed to need some alone time with the mic. anoop and kris sounded great on the ballads, but played it pretty safe. you're bottom three is pretty close. and yes, I asked dent if danny looked chubby last night. the jacket was really really bad.

Staci Kramer said...

Shellie, I was totally thinking about calling you last night after Idol because I know you are into the show. I have watched every episode of idol every year but then this year I slacked off and last night was the first one I've seen. coming in this late in the game was interesting because without knowing the back stories and stuff I found myself wondering if this was really just a spoof of american idol... like any minute they would end the comedy sketch and bring out the real contestants. The blind kid with Will Ferrel hair? The blonde girl who is physically painful to watch her move and worse to hear her voice? (but the judges kiss her butt anyway) Your dude with the nail polish? They were all like caricatures. Anyway, I don't have a fave yet but there are definitely people who deserve to be stung by 10,000 bees. Next week I want to watch it with you guys so I can bitch about it all. I'll bring snacks....are you in?

Scrap Happy said...

You are SO welcome to come watch it with us! I can't talk enough about Idol!

Margaret said...

I agree with your comments!! Adam was by far the best. This is the first year I have disliked more than I have liked....

jaust.me said...

These comments are so funny. I think this is the first year I've had a hard time picking a favorite. I totally thought that Adam was channeling Robert Smith from the Cure. I think you're right about Randy's 9-inch nails comment though. David loved Adam too, but yet couldn't stop laughing every time he watched it (yes, that said every time) Maybe it was that raw sexuality that made him a bit nervous.
I really like Megan's voice, if only she could get some consistency. She reminds me of the chick from Squirrel Nut Zippers or the Beautiful South. David hates her shimmy too. I thought Danny sang great, but who told him that jacket looked good? 1989? I still love Scott. I'm at the fireside, but I do think he needs to try something with a little more energy.
I love to find someone who's passionate about things that really matter, like American Idol.

Brie said...

Okay, gotta give my review. For the most part I agreed with everything you said except for two things. Kris- I absolutely LOVE him! I can't explain it,but I am cheering him on 100%, he is tied for favorite with Danny. And then Adam- normally I love this guy too, but Sam and I thought Simon had it right this time. What the heck was that? It was weird, uncomfortable, and kinda gross. We both couldn't stand it. Ugh, it was awful. I didn't really need to see him make love with the microphone in a whiny voice.
So anyway, there's my review! I can't wait to see what you have to say about next week!