Idol Review.

Staci started it, so I'll continue with a review of Motown Week. Smoky Robinson could be a Stephenie Meyer vampire with that eye color, methinks... I won't mention the obvious plastic surgery... yikes.

It's getting painfully obvious who the judges like - and a little disgusting that America votes exactly how those four judges want them to. Sheesh!

Michael - BUMMER, dude. At least he still gets to go on the summer Idol tour. Does he have what it takes to get a record deal and create a singing career to support his cute little family? Dunno - but it will be QUITE sad if ends up on another oil rig again, though, don't you think?

Megan - DITTO on Staci's comment. She was, again, utterly painful to watch and listen to. What was with the Malibu Barbie outfit?? It's just plain WRONG that she wasn't in the bottom three.

Scott - SERIOUSLY. I'm so over him and his nasalicious voice. It so bugs me how the judges tiptoe around him - Let's not say anything bad about the "disabled", shall we? How is that equal treatment? And I know he'd visually impaired, but WHO THE HECK PICKED OUT THE PINK JEANS? Nick was thinking he could start doing Sunday evening firesides for the stakes around here... he IS from Scottsdale, you know. Somebody get that kid a Book of Mormon. In Braille.

Matt - Bottom TWO? What the ? I really need to start voting. Matt's got "mad skills", I must say. Sad, but I'm pretty sure that he won't last much longer.

Lil - total throwback to Motown. Loved her performance, and her outfit. But... was she wearing a wig? Odd... I guess it fit the theme...

Danny - Really need to turn it up a notch, my friend! I KNOW he has it in him to win this thing, or at least give Adam a run for his money.

Allison - I think she's awesome, but her youth plays against her a bit. Seems immature in interviews, etc. Can someone please work on her LOOK, and clean her up a bit? Maybe tone the hair down a little, just leave a little red highlight around the face... I don't know, that's what stylists are for.

Anoop - Speaking of stylists, can we get a little waxing of some eyebrows, please?? I love Anoop Dog's voice, I really do - and though the attractive factor isn't there for me, there's just something about him I like. Ugh, Could he have sang a more boring song, though?

Kris - yawn. I know, I know, people like him... he's just so VANILLA for me. I need a little rocky road or mocha or New York Super Fudge Chunk in my life...

Which brings me to...

Adam - *insert happy sigh* - like how he changed it UP this week, but I'm hoping this new, toned-down Adam doesn't become a habit. This week he totally had that Elvis - Roy Orbison vibe going on, but I miss the edginess, the hair, the dangerous, the sultry... I'm glad the judges like him too, which tells me he'll be around for a while. Do you think he took off the nail polish strictly for Randy Travis' benefit? He's the only one I truly look forward to hearing every week!


Courtney said...

I wanted to vomit when Ryan told Scott he was safe over Matt...But I did vote for him because he is blind.

Just kidding.

Amber said...

Adam's my fav ;o)