Well, I got one out of three on my Idol prediction. Bummer, Alexis...

I'M SO SICK OF THE CONSTRUCTION AROUND HERE!!!! It's takes me 10 minutes longer to get anywhere, and to get home from anywhere! And at 7:30 in the morning, an extra ten minutes is enough to make us LATE! Even when I tell myself to remember on the way home, over and over, I still end up forgetting and then having to make a U-turn to come home a different way. Usually I'm pretty patient with road projects because I try to envision how much nicer stuff will be... well my patience is GONE!

HEY! Why don't I get to VOTE on whether Arizona gets any stimulus money?? I don't WANT IT, thank you very little! People are so SHORT-SIGHTED on this stuff! Hey, let's give the feds even MORE control! MORE money! Why NOT?? They've been so FREAKIN' responsible with all the money we've coughed up in the past!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, you think SRP can get some bailout money too, then maybe WE could get a bonus this year? Sheesh!


In other news, Allison will most likely have to have one of her bottom teeth pulled soon to make room for one of her permanent teeth. Anybody know a good ortho in Laveen/South Phoenix??


Carlos said...

No, but I know one in Mazatlan.

Margaret said...

I know a dentist in Missouri who
would give you a better deal.