Love Potion Number Nine

On November 6th, 1998,
we were married in the
Mesa, Arizona temple.

For forever.

I'm thrilled.


9 things I love about my husband ...

1 - He likes the same movies, TV shows, music and food that I do.
2 - He is practical and likes to save money.
3 - He is a great provider, and is dedicated to his work. In fact, he sometimes talks in his sleep about process mapping.
4 - He is a great Dad who is a great example and teacher, and has never been afraid of donning a tiara or changing a diaper.
5 - He has a fabulous sense of humor — not just funny, but clever, with good timing.
6 - He is not lazy, and is always willing to serve others. He is a good home teacher, and is faithful in all of his callings.
7 - He's intelligent, well-read, and always has a good, logical, gospel-based perspective on just about everything. He knows the scriptures.
8 - He's as handsome now as the day we were married, and has created three darn cute kids.
9 - He loves his family, and mine, too.


Karen said...

Happy Anniversary, I hope you have a great day.

Courtney said...

That is a great list! Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Happy Annivisaversary!!!

The Dixon Family said...

You guys got married when I graduated from high school. Has it really been nine years????

Carlos said...

Way to go Nick--making us look like total dorks.