Christmas Morning 2010

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few at least. Nonnie and Papa came up to visit, and we were up BRIGHT and EARLY to open presents. J was excited to get his marshmallow gun and a bike from Santa, and a remote control Lightning McQueen car from Nonnie - which he couldn't keep up with as it circled around and around his feet. Too funny. Nice goose egg on the forehead, J. I swear he had a bump and/or bruise on his head the whole month of December. Family pictures were just doomed this year.
M got a didj to replace the one broken from last year,
and finally she got her PROOF that Santa exists - she had him "sighn here" on a note she left by his cookies. Does she look like a 90's rockstar in this photo or what? Notice that Santa left his initials "S.C." for her to see.
A couldn't have been more thrilled with her boxed set of 39 clues books.

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