Sweet Valentine, bless her heart.

My husband's grandmother passed away today. She's been my adopted grandmother too for the last thirteen years. She would have celebrated her 90th birthday on Valentine's Day this year. (I think I'm remembering that number right) Instead, Grandma Valentine is now reunited with her husband who died many many years ago. I just told A about it as she was going to bed and had a tender moment with her as she cried with me. This is the first person my children have known who has died. A was Grandma V's first great grandchild. A knows as well as I do that Grandma is up in heaven and understands that she is happy now, and no longer sick or hurting. What a comfort and blessing that is, to have a testimony of Heavenly Father's plan for us, and for eternal families.
Things I will always remember about her? Her love of good chocolate, especially See's. Her impeccable wardrobe, with everything perfectly ironed and perfectly folded, always. Her absolute daintiness - she was a wisp of a woman. Her perfectly coordinated gold and white living room, complete with the three portraits (shrines) of her three daughters. Her stories of raising her girls, and calling them chickens. Her thoughtful cards and gifts at Christmas, including a nativity that I will treasure and for sure put out for all Christmases to come.  Her handwriting. The whole family mimicking (with fondness) her "Hello Doll" raspy voice whenever she was sick. The fact that she could make Chicken Divan better than anyone else, ever, and how she would go out of her way to make people's favorite foods when they came to see her. I think Valentine's Day will always be something special to our family, especially this year. Love you Grandma.

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