Christmas Recap. Pictures forthcoming.

Polar Express weekend with all the Carters. LICE. Decorating for Christmas. SRP's Christmas party and holiday boutique for the Two Chicks. Nonnie and Papa coming to visit. Ward Christmas party where the kids sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" beautifully. Treadmill. Shopping on Ebay. Dentist appointment. Birthday for S - number 36 - ouch. Lunch with friends. Trips to the post office. Wrapping presents. Swapping babysitting with friends. Another holiday boutique for the Two Chicks. Birthday/White elephant/Appetizer/Christmas party with old friends. Cutting vinyl. Another dentist appointment. Winter music program at the school. Trip to the Children's Museum. Dealing with tantrums. Treadmill. Shopping with Lisa. Dinner at the Grand Lux and my first taste of beignets - yum. White elephant party with the inlaws including "Minute to Win It" games. Awesome puppet show in Mesa. Being COLD. Cutting more vinyl. Using lots and lots of coupons at Fry's. Finding some awesome black BOOTS! Another dentist appointment. Candy cane Joe-Joe's. Sewing project. Nonnie and Papa coming up to visit. Bringing out all the pretty dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. Pie. More candy cane joe-joes. Santa coming and bringing a great bike for J. Marshmallow guns. Lots of presents to open. Gift exchange with the cousins. Prime Rib and more joe-joes - chocolate-covered joe-joes no less. Wow. More pie. Trip to Safford. Games. Casa. J riding his new bike all day long at Papa's house. Gila Valley Temple. Casa. Haircuts. Dealing with more tantrums. Home again, home again, jiggity jig - now where to put all this stuff... is it any wonder I didn't get Christmas cards out this year??

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Amberly said...

don't say pictures forthcoming unless you mean it!