This is so interesting! I think everyone should do it. Reading Ashlee's and Amberly's though made me feel like a slacker... here goes... this should make you feel good and productive.

right now…

- I never know what to eat for breakfast. Nothing sounds good. I usually end up eating a bowl of cereal - this morning it was vanilla almond Special K.

- I do not get out of bed until I have to - I'm usually motivated when I hear some kind of crisis or fight, or realize it's after 8am. It's just too cold and dark at 6am!

- I'm into wearing my lounge pants again on a daily basis - not good motivation to eat right and exercise.

- I'm all done with Christmas goodies, now if only I could be done with the sweet tooth that accompanied them...

- I'm never in bed by 10pm. Between 9 and 12 is my time to watch MY shows on TV or design stuff on my computer.

- I also go in phases with what I eat for lunch. Today it was a chicken salad sandwich. Usually it's leftovers or a cheese crisp, while J eats a bean burro.

- My hair needs a cut. And a style. But I'm not diligent enough to keep up on my short-stacked do, so I'm thinking I should just grow it out and try some long layers again. Mostly I just need it long enough so I can pull it back to run.

- I never listen to primary songs and scriptures when I’m driving. Ever. I used to be a faithful talk radio fan, and maybe I will be again when everything having to do with politics and the economy aren't so discouraging. Right now we listen to silly pop stations. My girls unfortunately know most of the words to every Gaga song, Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber... and anything and everything on all the GLEE soundtracks. Including "Teenage Dream" and "Toxic". Lovely. Aren't I a good mom??

- Soups are my preferred type of meal these days.

- I have read a few more Shannon Hale, Sophie Kinsella and John Grisham books lately. I have the 5 love languages for children on hold at the library, per Ashlee's suggestion, but other than that nothing right now is on the horizon. Any suggestions? I prefer novels that don't really have any footing in reality...

- I have bought two pairs of jeans lately, but I'm not crazy about the way they fit. I guess I need to lose another 10 pounds and get myself into the next smaller size first, then maybe it will be fun to shop again.

- My mind is regularly occupied with how to run and expand my business.

- I will only buy plain white sheets. They are the only ones I can wash in the hottest water with the most amount of bleach. I'm a little germaphobic when it comes to sheets.

- Every time I wear earrings my earlobes hurt, so I usually only put them in for church. I do own quite a few necklaces, though, and am always on the hunt for more long, chunky ones to buy or make. They usually only make an appearance on Sundays too.

- Amberly hasn't had a pedicure since Thanksgiving, and neither have I. I think it's a waste of $$ until I'm wearing flip flops again.

- I do not spend one more second in the bathroom than I absolutely have to. It grosses me out that my husband will go in search of a newspaper before he goes in.

- My craft room is my favorite room in my house, I guess. Not because it is decorated oh-so-fabulously (even though I really DO LOVE it) but because it's just so flippin' functional. N would disagree, because my crafts tend to spread out to the downstairs quite often. But hey, he married me, and he knew what I was when he picked me up.

- We have a couple of throw blankets that always live on the couch, but I'm not a huge fan of any of them. I'd love to have a big trunk as a coffee table or a storage ottoman down there so I could store some comfy blankets nearby.

- I prefer my electric toothbrush.

- I am 36 years old, and for the first time in 20 years I weigh less than my driver's license says I do.

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Ashlee said...

I liked this post! I think it is hard to think about ourselves and not just give a history of what is going on when blog writing...good job on capturing a glimpse of you!