School Parties 2010

My kids are cute, if you hadn't noticed. Here's J at his little preschool Christmas party acting like he's singing, sort of, while Miss Janna sang a solo.
At the girls' school, there's an annual "winter" performance where each class or grade gets up and performs something. A's class did "Frosty the Snowman" and dressed one of their classmates up as he danced and skipped around the group. It was fun. I love the look on A's face here.
After making leis in school that day, M's class performed "Mele Kalikimaka" all dressed up in Hawaiian shirts and such. It was pretty cute, though I don't know why M's hands are up swaying in this picture when no one else's is...

This is a sample of the teacher gifts I made this year - cutting vinyl and then etching these jars. M and A's jars just said their teacher's name, and had an apple on them. Of course I had to put the "Happy Meadows" logo on J's for his teacher, though!

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