I want to make stuff again.

Stuff like this:


and this:

http://projectsbyjess.blogspot.com/2011/01/owl-applique-tote.html  I want to make a library bag like this - - and possibly use one of those re-usable totes, you know the ones? I have some BRIGHT lime green ones that I think would rock with little owls on them!!!

and I'd like to spiffy up the red berry wreath on my front door for Valentines Day with something like this:

and Oh.My. do I love this mosaic - made out of squares of scrapbook paper and mod podge, of all things - - - I have a big IKEA picture that I might just use for my basse - sorry Janna I might have to have it back! Where oh where shall I put it? In what colors? Hmmm.....


I've been designing some lovey-type Valentine designs for our Two Chicks vinyl business lately, like this stuff - a few of these will end up on little plaques or signs - and I'm aching to cut some of them; want any??:

Next on the vinyl to-do list is some holiday-themed subway art, maybe something like this or this, but better, of course: (Can someone tell me why people doing these tutorials never just use VINYL? They make seriously hard work out of these subway signs!!!!!)


Tara said...

Hello darling!

Your posts make me want to laugh and that hurts when I take a sip of Diet Coke and it goes up through my nose! Love the projects, could you hurry and figure those out so we can do those when we (Jackie's mom and I) come over in April! (I am coming whether my hubby likes it or not.)
Please don't stop writing, I love the burn of Diet Coke in my sinus' early in the morning!


Scrap Happy said...

Tara are you guys coming for the CK scrapbook convention? It's April 15-16th...