White Elephant 2010

My SIL Robyn is awesome. At our family white elephant party this year, instead of just stealing the gift you wanted from another player when it was your turn, you had to fight for it. We played "Minute to Win It" type games each time someone wanted to steal a gift. Hilarious. Robyn I think defended her popcorn bucket and lottery tickets like 5 or 6 times, and she came out a winner every time. This is me kicking Aubrey's tail as the first one to blow up, tie, and then pop a balloon.
Cameron never had a chance against Carl. Maybe that was due to the fact that Carl's left arm was totally blocking his path??
Robyn I think practices these games at home with her kids. She was good at EVERYTHING, including this game where she had to carefully thread penne noodles onto spaghetti with her mouth. Nate would have won, had he not celebrated prematurely. No dancing in the end zone, Nate.
Aubrey was a genius in wrapping herself in toilet paper. Check out this action shot.
I will never have another white elephant party WITHOUT doing it this way. Made everything way more interesting and fun! Brush up on your MTWI skills if you're coming to a party at my house!

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brenda hatch said...

LOVE this! Stealing the idea!