Polar Express 2010

We had a super fun Thanksgiving weekend with all the Carters. We drove up to Williams and then took a train all the way to the North Pole to see Santa. We all wore our jammies, sang songs, drank hot cocoa, ate cookies, and then the big man himself came on the train to take photos with all the kids, and give them jingle bells. We also unknowingly exposed everyone in the family to lice. What can I say, that's how nice and giving we are. We like to share...

Here are most of the grandkids - I think this is the best I got, ha!
Oh how I love J's look in this photo. Isn't Livvy a doll?
Here we are getting ready to board the train...
That's a whole lot of Christmas jammies on a whole lot of Carter kids...
J sat on Poppy's lap to sing Christmas carols. I think this one must have been "HO HO HO, who wouldn't go..."
I can't decide which of these I like better - which do you think is worthy of the scrapbook page??
Santa was awesome... how is it he was the only one looking at the camera for the photo??

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