The first, second, third and fourth noel.

About a dozen of us crazy crafters got together at my house Thursday evening and made these cool blocks! I ended up making 4 sets of them for gifts. 3 are pictured. The idea was stolen (borrowed?) straight from Recollections.
Their Version can be made for $60, our version was $8. Love it! Thanks Deirdre, for all your hard work cutting/sanding/etc!


Matt, Raynie, Kiah, and Boston Hawes said...

Adorable!!! You are too crafty, I love it... I LOVED your grinch christmas party sign at curch, so cute!

Courtney said...

Those are super cute....and better than my enrichment that night!!

bryn said...

so cute! as you all know i am not a talented crafter but i love the finished product. how hard are these and can someone with my very limited capabilities do this?