Smarter than I give them credit

Allison is learning to READ! It's the coolest thing! She knows all her phonograms, and can figure out most words by sounding out each one. She recognizes small ones like the, and, said, get, what, etc... and totally read me a book this morning about cows and dogs and the sun or something - I'm not sure, I was half asleep and had my eyes closed - but she would spell out the words she couldn't figure out - like "determined" for me to help her. Love it! I can foresee a day very soon when Allison is the one reading the bedtime books, instead of me! Woohoo! I love school!

Amanda is a great helper, really! This morning I asked her to go get "the purple stuff from Josh's room for me to wash my hands" and she asked me, "You mean the hand appetizer?" Yes, exactly.


Courtney said...

I love hand appetizer. It's so disinfecting and tastes so good!

Amanda said...

I can't believe Allison is reading - what the biff? I used to rock her in her dragonfly room.

bryn said...

your girls are darling. and i agree that they grow so quickly. tate came home the other day saying the pledge of allegiance. what? how do they get so big so quick?