The Simple Life

This weekend took Nick and me to different worlds - - he, to Newport Beach, CA for his cousin's swanky wedding and reception, me, to Safford to my nephew Aaron's open house. While Nick relaxed and enjoyed crab, prime rib, shrimp, and the Balboa Beach club with its million-dollar James Bond-type yachts, I helped free a cultural hall floor of gum, set up tables and chairs, made centerpieces, and for hours tied bows, hung lights, tule (sp?), and a ton of silk flowers transforming the place. It was great! Sorry I don't have photos, I'm the one who took the camera, but was too busy to take pictures...
Every time I go home I appreciate how good the people are, and how unnecessary all of the "stuff" is in my regular life, with everyone so concerned about appearances and acquiring the latest greatest "thing" - whatever that may be. Just a lot of distractions, really! Got to listen to GREAT sunday school and RS lessons, and thoroughly enjoyed my kids enjoying the weekend, too. Though I'm not ready to commit to small town life, it's great to visit and get grounded every once in a while!

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Amanda said...

Nick's gay! Oh wait, I am not supposed to say dirty words like that anymore!